A View From Last Pew

Hi, I normally sit in the last row of the church, really close to the door. From this prime pew I have seen and heard the best of Godly men endeavors and heard the most eloquent words of sincere men bearing the gospel news. Then again I have heard the sweetest words of the Holy Spirit speaking to me through a man who I know love the Lord. However, the congregation does not realize the behind the scene effort the speaker made for his message.

The pews are filled with men and women who glow from their walk with Jesus. Some raise their holy hands in praise, while others are more concerned who is sitting where. Some are there to be of service to their fellow man, and others want to direct you to the nearest altar to be saved. Some come because they want to be closer to God, while others think its the thing your suppose to do on Sunday morning. Some come for business reasons, while some use Sunday school as an opportunity to tell you why God loves you and show that God is at work in their life. Some come because have beaten to a pulp by the world all because Satan has been working overtime and they need the refreshed by God to survive. Some say Godís word needs to be taken to heart and others doubt if his word does any good. And there are some that just plain don't know why they came or at least they cant explain why.

Iíve seen a number of people thumb through the pages of God's word looking for the book of Hezekiah and scan the table of contents. Some highlight passages or underline them, while others take notes having little difficulty keeping on the same page as the speaker. Some can't keep quiet, they either mumble an audible praise or shout Glory as they accept the good news. Then some innocent child makes a wise crack and the congregation burst into laugher, while the preacher would had preferred to be the one got the same kind of Laughter from his jokes. Some may listen intently and others endure somberly as they canít wait to go home. I've seen some shake, others grit their teeth and others bow their head in quiet slumber, taken everything in, and manage to be awake at the end of the service, rested to be sure.

I've seen children run down the isle with an effortless ease, not realizing that they are spoiling the service for the rest. I know its sad but, there are some that have attended church thirty years or more and do not know the way of the cross or what it means to be saved. But the worst that I have seen are those who didnít care that Jesus died for them or wants to give them a hope and a future.

Now, there are some value I'm sure for sitting in the back row of church. But I want you to know that I have seen the same things that God sees in his church. It may be easier to see those who are praising God, and those who struggle to find the location being preached on, or see men and women tremble under the power of the Holy Spirit than see the church as God does. Sitting in the back row allows you to see what goes on in the church but also makes you wonder what God sees when all you see is backs.   



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