Ambassador At Work

Strange as it seems the world doesnít know the resistance Christians have found in presenting the gospel to the people who would otherwise perish. Every Christian that follows the teaching of Christ is commissioned to preach the Gospel. Satan prime objective is to destroy everything God created. in the world every person has one thing in common they all have eyes and ears to see or hear the word of the Lord. Satanís influence on men and women has blinded manís hearing and sight into spiritual slavery preventing them from responding to the call of God.

What this means to us is that Satan has closed the minds of those in the world to the things of God. They donít want to hear any message that will free them. It is critical for Christians to know this strategy of Satan because we have to present the gospel in ways the lost can see the hope we have in Jesus Christ. God has given Christianís the task of taking his message to the world with the hope of saving those he doesnít want to perish. Yet if they donít repent they will perish in torment.

Christians have to present a message that will save them from being eternally lost and separated from the presence of God. With the spiritís leading we must find ways to open eyes and ears of the world to the truth of Godís word. What that means is that we must present the truth of the gospel in a ways seen by the natural man.

The world in not aware of the influence that Satan has over the world and they resist the attempts that Christianís make to spread the good news. For some itís too good to be true and for others consider the message utter foolishness and use arguments meant to say Iím not interested. Regardless of the abuse or the reason is, we are compelled by Christ to make every effort to take the gospel to the people of the world. To people that cannot fathom the truth of Godís plan with their mind.

This book is more an attempt to explain Godís side of the story more than an effort trying to make any sense of the rejection the world has to the Gospel message. One thing Iíve learned no matter the reason we use to destroy Satanís argument there is always another reason in reserve to replace it. 

The Ambassadorís Job is a never ending job that demands perseverance and a strong relationship with God. Christians are beaten to a pulp trying to save a person God loves from death in hell. At the same time, the love of a Christian to witness is being constantly reduced to itís not worth it or why try. Still it is a resolute command of Christ to witness to the world. Christians never question if the battle was worth fighting when you see a person youíve testified to in church. Sometimes we have to ask, are we working to please Jesus and at the same time do we want the reward of hearing ďwell doneĒ from the person we admire the most?

Itís not easy to testify about Jesus and what he has done for you or asking a person to come to Church. Sometime we have to blurt it out as Satan will intimidate the Christianís desire to testify. Why is it that when the thought of asking a person to come to church meets with opposition before you say anything? Why is your mind flooded with thoughts of being rejected or you will come to harm? On the other hand, have you considered that the person you are speaking to will have his mind flooded with opposing reasons from the same source? Satan is cunning and it wouldnít surprise me to find out that Satan is working both sides to serve his purpose. The one thing Satan doesnít want to see is that personís name written in the Lambís Book of Life.

Godís ambassador must know Godís plan and the schemes of the devil if he or she is to be effective. What it means is that the ambassador must make and spend time with God to understand his plan so you can be servant operating in his authority and power. You see, Satan will flee from you if you submit to God. When you have Satan on the run, take time to give Godís message and your reason for your hope for eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Letís also remember that the people of the world have to see your testimony in action. Your testimony is an excellent way to pierce closed eyes and to start a conversation which includes telling the gospel. In other words, your actions speak louder than words and you must be loud enough to make the gospel seen and heard by those who donít know God.

The person who opens the door is the person that hears God knocking on his door. They have ears but they must hear with the ears of the heart to understand the truth of the gospel. We cannot be deterred because the command to take the gospel of God to the world is from our God himself.

Jesus said, why call me Lord if you donít do as I ask. Every Christian has the ministry of reconciliation and itís our duty and God given responsibility to go into the world to make disciples.  The answer lies in knowing the truth and applying the truth to the person we are speaking to. At the same time we must rely on Godís power to be successful because itís not by our might that we prevail but success comes through the power of the Spirit. Ultimately we need to take the gospel message to the lost in the power of the spirit by a means they can see and understand.

Itís not just an ambassadorís job to take the message of the cross to the world; itís an adventure in the Spirit world to rub shoulders with Jesus Christ. Testifying and inviting people to share in the hope we have in Jesus and eternal life in the kingdom of God is not easy. Itís not that they are not interested itís more about being open to hear the word of God. The bible tells us to be prepared to give the world an answer for our hope through Jesus Christ.


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