Ambassador Of Christ

The primary task for the ambassador of Christ is to take the message of the cross to the world and it can be an adventure to share the gospel among the sinners of this world. The first words of any testimony are the hardest to say and it seems to be the biggest hurdle the Christian has. I have that problem too!

The ambassador message is important for it is the message of his Lord. It is his job to be the messenger who makes the ideal plan of his leader known to anyone it affects personally. Whether that person accepts your lordís plan is up to them. Your Job remains the same; take your Lordís salvation message to the person who is in Jeopardy of forfeiting his soul to the lake of fire.

You can expect the gospel message to be rejected more than it is received but it is a message that can save lives for an eternity. God doesnít want anyone to perish and the people of this world will perish without the knowledge of Jesus and the plan of Salvation (Hosea 4:6

God wants everyone to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ for without taking advantage of the knowledge of Jesus Christ no one would find the narrow gate leading into eternal life. You see it is the right knowledge that saves your life but not knowing the right facts will certainly put you up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

Every one of us suffers because of what we didnít know. The right knowledge provides the foundation for success and that is a good reason for going to college. However a college degree wonít tell you how or give you the ability to buy your way into eternal life.

The Ambassador has to deal with arrogance of men and hundreds of excuses that donít agree with our Lordís position. Therefore we as Christians have to make the person we are talking with know that going to heaven is guaranteed only when they come to an agreement with God.

We have to let people know that God is not a push over for he could easily disappoint you when you tell him how worthy you are to enter his kingdom. He has a mind of his own and is quite capable of deciding who is going to enter into his kingdom and celestial home.

In other words God is capable of making decisions without your advice or wisdom. Remember God created the heavens and the earth without your guidance. At the same time God knows how to put the self-centered person in his proper place.

Godís word tells us to be prepared to give the world an answer for our hope through Jesus Christ. Itís not that the world is not interested in how to be saved they are not open to hear the word of God. 

Everyone has eyes and ears but their eyes and ears are fixed on the uncertainties of this life and what their money can buy. While it may be possible for man to obtain the things of this world he could also forfeit his soul to the lake of fire (Luke 9:25). It is written that the people of the world hate Jesus Christ without reason but have they heard.

The world is blind and when the gospel message is presented to them the gospel opens their eyes to the reality of Jesus Christ. The Ambassador of Jesus Christ understands that unless they hear and understand the gospel of Jesus Christ and turn from their evil ways they cannot be accepted into the kingdom of God.

Remember the sinnerís lifestyle is perpetuated from a lack of knowledge. It is the ambassador of Christ Jesus job to take the gospel to the world; who knows whether they will receive the right information that will save them from the lake of fire. 

It may seems like an never ending job but the ambassadors job demands perseverance and a strong relationship with God, as Christians are almost always beaten to a pulp trying to save a person God loves from death in hell. Itís normal to receive rejection but it is your job to take Godís message to those in the world.

On the other hand we have determined in our hearts to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. That means facing resistance from the person that doesnít know God loves them. We are taking Godís message to a rebellious people whose minds are not set on the things of God and they will react like ungodly people.

A strong relationship with God will guide you through the truth that the person of this world needs to know and understand. The truth is powerful especially when it is Godís word for nothing can prevail against the truth. Still the Ambassador needs to know they have Godís backing and support in presenting his message.

Even Ambassadors fail to understand that God is working through us. All we have to do is let him do his work by presenting the truth of his word and let the power of Godís word convict them. Take a good look at what Jesus said about his father in regards to where he is and what he is doing.

God is at work in you but you determine how he works through you when you obey him.

Godís message is given in obedience to demonstrate your love for Jesus. God is in you to guide your words and verify the truth with conviction. Remember God is the potter and the builder of everything. As the Ambassador of Christ you take the message of truth to the world and let God add to his kingdom as he sees fit.


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