Arrogance of Man

God has a plan where every person who was born on earth may be saved and take part in his eternal kingdom. For the most part those who are in the world do not seek him because they think they do not need him. Some believe that God is a God of love and will give them eternal life regardless. To others Godís plan is too good to be true which is foolishness and do not make room for God in their life.

The world understands the world does not work according to the way the bible tells us to live Ė for,

There is nothing new under the sun and not much has changed regarding human behavior.  God is concerned with human behavior as they are a creature of habit that reaps what they sow. When the behavior of man is centered on himself they permit themselves to curse God, lie to one another and murder, steal and have adulterous affairs. These deeds are never unnoticed as the news media, tabloids and rumor mills expose the exaggerated details of these affairs until they become old news. Those who sin are harvesting the evil they have sown.

The bible says "Watch out that no one deceives you Matthew 24:4. Every person who was born on earth has an appointment with death and then Judgment (Hebrews 9:27).  God will judge everyone for everything they have done while on earth. Man is aware of what sin is and strange as it may seem even the world does not approve of everything that is done under the sun. However the world has a double standard concerning its morals, the individual defines his or her morals standard by saying what they do is right, but whatís done to them is wrong.

By the same token the other person is always at fault for your mistakes. Since you donít make mistakes or have faults your lies say you are not responsible.

 What are you going to do when your pride wonít allow you to admit your mistakes? Your finger always points away from the person who caused the problem? No one wants to be guilty of wrongdoing more so when all wrongdoing is sin. Sin is crouching at your door and will label you as a sinner when you refuse to recognize that you made the mistake. To master sin you must be honest with yourself by voluntarily admitting your faults and taking a course of action to correct them.

Wrongdoing is associated with breaking a moral standard between God and man. In addition to degrading your value to God sin causes ruin, injury, and pain among those who surround your life.

Everyone on the earth is in the same boat pertaining to life so how can we face our creator when every inclination the heart is evil all of the time? As human beings we tend to go with the flow and accept that man can break every rule of morality while intimidating people to obtain what they want. They live above the law scorning a disciplined life to rebel against God to live a morally corrupted life that does not respect the rights of another person.

While people are lovers of themselves and lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, everyone on the earth is in the same boat pertaining to eternal life. In the hereafter everyone will serve God in one of two capacities according to the choices they made in life. Those who are good in Godís site will live in Godís kingdom and those who do evil will be condemned to a place of torment. Those who refused Godís gracious gift of life will become the example of those who refused to know him and accept his moral standards. 

Godís method of Judgment will not be concerned by how we see and determine right from wrong. The knowledge of sin is known to you as know what pleases you is right by your standard and when someone sins against you their actions cause ruin, injury, and pain within your heart. On the other hand you always look to see if anyone has seen what you have done but never to God who is silently recording your sin.

There is a difference between knowing God and knowing who he is. If you knew and revered God you would make an effort to do everything he asked of you. Knowing God gives you and advantage of knowing the way God feels about sin and how he deals with sin that affects his life. You would know that God is harsh with sin and has a place reserved for anyone who rebelled against his authority. You would also know that anyone who rebels against God will have the same reward as the angels aligned with Satan.

There is another difference between knowing God and being known by God. It is the person who recognizes Jesus as Lord obeys his commands and seeks his will that has a relationship with him. For he said

Would you be telling the truth by saying ďLord, LordĒ and do not do what he commands. Love is what compels you to do what Jesus asks of you (John 14:15). If Jesus is Lord are you willing humble yourself to bow before him and give an account of himself to God (Romans 14:12).

What is God going to say?

Or will he say?

The choice is yours to accept Jesus Christ into your life and make him Lord over your life.

For with the heart one exercises faith to have righteousness before God and with the mouth one declares his covenant with God. For those who call upon the Lord will be saved.

September 30, 2013


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