At The Crossroads

Most of us constantly stand at the crossroads of life at the moment of making every decision that affects the way we live. Even then we seldom ask how this decision will affect our eternal life. The path we take depends on the decisions we make and we may not question how this particular decision is looked at by our Lord on the Day of Judgment.

The road God wants us to travel has been around ever since creation but running the race of life set before us without following Godís instructions is foolish. This passage in Jeremiah is imploring you to ask for the good paths for what you donít know will be devastating to your eternal soul.

 When you look at the road signs of life the road, the road leading to deception is never marked or tells you to travel at your own risk. Yet temporary pleasure will definitely distract you and keep your mind off the danger ahead even though the road is full of potholes. The destination of deception always reminds you that you should of done it differently.

Deception is always caused by the lack of knowledge because if you knew what would happen, you wouldnít have done it because you didnít know that. On the other hand, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge and establishes the wellbeing and life of its possessor. Wisdom knows where the roads at the crossroads go but you may not know where the road goes unless you ask.

God is an active spectator of your life and how you run the race set before you. He appreciates a good race but when you sin you will never hear him boo or hiss rather his grief will be shown with tears on his cheeks. Within this race you will make decisions that God finds detestable. But the race of life has a greater purpose and that is to teach you to make better choices by learning the cause and effect of sin.

Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths for the destinations at the crossroads because they are not marked. God doesnít want you to take a road without you knowing where it will take you. Itís only prudent to ask which road to take and if you seek you will find it

By the same token can you play with fire and not get burnt. Can you break all bounds of morality and not be punished by someone in authority? Sooner or later the penalty for cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery will find you guilty of wrong doing by those you harmed. The truth of the matter is that the road of life taken is lined with people affected by your character, meaning you can be a road hog or one who shares the road without hindering others.

How can we go into the house of the Lord and continue to follow the stubborn inclinations of our evil heart. Our heart causes us to live as we see fit whether it is right or wrong. Whatís instinctive to the flesh can dominate our heart but God says the heart is deceitful above all things. Still we instinctively know what evil is for one reason Ė we donít like it when done to us.

God says walk in all the ways I command you that it may go well with you. But the majority of people are too busy accumulating the things of life to listen or pay attention to the wisdom of God.  Instead, they show no desire to inquire wisdom from God and followed the stubborn inclinations of their evil hearts. Are they smarter than the average bear?

Its arrogant to enter the house of the Lord to say you are better than the average person. The bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Itís deceptive to think your ways are perfect in the sight of God when you never asked God which road I need to travel to please him.

 God says reform your ways and your actions, donít think you will be accepted in heaven carrying the baggage of sin. God is saying heaven is not a junk yard and the treasure of sin buried in your heart is junk to me. The accumulation of junk that God detests is hindering the race of life so shouldnít we discard sin for the crown of life?

When we look at the crossroads of life shouldnít we be looking for a traveling companion rather than the stuff we have to take with us? Donít we need someone who is able to lighten our load and take our sin from us? Listen to what Jesus said;

Jesus is a traveling companion that can be trusted and a person who has been there and overcome the trials and temptations you face. His advice is backed with experience because he knows the road you need to travel. He has suffered the same trials and with his fatherís help has overcome the trials of life. Furthermore the wisdom his father gave him is full of the things you need to survive the potholes and obstacles of the holy life.

With Jesus as our traveling companion we have a means to ask about the good way and choose to walk according to his advice. By following his advice you will find rest for your souls when you enter the gates of heaven. Jesus has already traveled the road and is seated at the right hand of Majesty.

Let us remember that God said something else we should consider in our earthly travels. God said;

Jesus has been at these crossroads before we arrived on the scene. And he has made decisions affecting our lives and he is standing at your door seeking to know you. He desires to be your traveling companion in your lifeís journey and most of all he doesnít want you to travel the broad road to destruction.

The narrow road Jesus traveled during his lifetimes was full of trials and temptations designed to lure you into the world. Jesus said I know my fatherís commands lead to eternal life and so he did what his father commanded (John 12:50).

We are always at the crossroads of life making decisions but have you noticed Jesus is at that crossroads of life too. He desires to travel the road of life as your companion. Letís remember that the crossroads of life is a place of decision and a place where we can choose Jesus to become our traveling companion on our way to heaven. However the greatest prize of the race set before us is being in the presence of God forever.  2/25/2014


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