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Although mankind may recognize God as an eternal being, as a whole Godís purpose for creating the heavens and earth has gone ignored.  Within the creation story God created the male and female human being in his own image to inhabit the earth.  With firsthand knowledge of Godís existence and with full knowledge of Godís command, Eve chose to eat of the forbidden fruit and persuaded Adam to do the same.  Within the creation story God became aware of and confronted Adam and Eve with their deed. He then drove them from the garden into a hostile environment of the world because of their sin.

Itís well known that God created the heavens; the earth and mankind to inhabit the earth. In addition we think of God as a supreme being that rules the universe. However the majority of mankind ignores the chain of command between God and man. In the creation story we see Godís command, the separation of his   relationship with man, his confrontation with Adam and Eve and finally what God did to discipline them. So how does this relate to our lives?

When God created the heavens and earth he also made everything in the heavens and earth subject to him. The creation story tells us that God told Adam that he would die if he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Because he ate the forbidden fruit God confronted Adam, judged them and disciplined them by his authority and then driving them out of the garden.

On the day Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit the spirit guiding the man from within died. The body made from the dust of the earth remained but now lived in a world frustrated by his sin. Itís not like God didnít autograph his creation so man would know who created the heavens and earth. Every man understands the existence of God through what has been created so he is without excuse. The outcome of Adam and Eve lives was initiated by ignoring his position of authority that gave God the right to command his creation.

What man may not understand is man is also a spiritual being subject to a spirit who is God most high. Secondly being a spirit of truth and authority God is speaking from his position and outlook on the life he created. God owns the earth in its totality and every person on it.

 What happens to the car you bought if it doesnít consistently take you where you want to go? What happens to pen that doesnít write? What happens to anything you own that doesnít meet your expectation? Eventually you trash the item and look for something that does. On the other hand you could repair the car, change the ink cartridge and make them conform to your expectations.

By the same token you could repent of your ways and agree to make your ways conform to Godís purpose. Remember that God owns everything on the face of the earth but by God grace he has given mankind a choice to continue living. Look around you, for the most part mankind has chosen to ignore God. With the choice of continuing to live God has established a way for mankind to turn from his wicked ways and reestablish a relationship with God. Mankind has chosen to ignore God and neglected to find out how to please God.

How shall we escape Godís wrath if we ignore his great and awesome plan of salvation Ė a plan that God designed to prevent mankind from perishing? The knowledge of Godís plan of Salvation reveals Godís expectation for mankind. The desires of God is learned through trials, the mistakes we call sin, and primarily through renewing our minds so we may approve of Godís way of life. It means that our approval becomes an endorsement that sanctions and carries out the commands of God.

In the creation story Adam and Eve were told of the consequences of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God decreed and drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden because of their disobedience, the consequence was to dwell in a frustrated environment. In todayís vernacular the place for the disobedient in this generation is called hell which was designed for the punishment of fallen angels.

How do we relate to the creation story? On the whole mankind is conformed to a pattern of desires, dishonesty and pride hardened by sin's deceitfulness. This perception of the world stifles the pattern of living by Godís word which summarizes God thoughts and ways. The worldís wisdom considers the truth of God foolishness but God knows only fools despise his wisdom.

Today God has presented a living example of his righteousness in his son who is the central person of Godís plan of salvation. It is a timeless plan that demonstrates the love of God for mankind. It states that while mankind was still in its sinful state Jesus Christ was sent to die and atone for the sins of mankind. This means the sin issue separating mankind from has been dealt with and corrected.

This plan states that death came through one manís sin so man is made alive in Christ Jesus. We deserve death for our sin but God sent his son to set us free from sin which allows us to serve God through love. The crux of Godís plan of Salvation is by faith Ė whoever believes in Jesus Christ will not perish but have eternal life. In Godís plan Christ tasted death for everyone and through the resurrection of Jesus Christ we have the hope of glory and the assurance of where we will spend eternity.

God left nothing that is not subject to him and gave him all authority bestowing on him an everlasting kingdom without end. Those who believe in Jesus Christ will become priests to serve our God in the age to come on the earth.

The question for man to answer becomes this. Will mankind subject himself to the Supreme Being, creator and ruler of the universe by first recognizing and revering his position of authority, secondly becoming his subordinate and then reverently love and obey him. On the other hand we also have to understand that God is like us and destroys the things that wonít do what was expected of them.

Letís consider that when we pass from this life to the next the first person we will meet is Jesus Christ. In his hand is the shepherdís staff which he will use to separate those who belong to him from those who do not. Malachi 3:17-18 says God will make a distinction between those who serve God and those who do not on the day he makes up his treasured possession. Today is a good time to consider what you want out of life and decide whether you prefer to be in Godís treasured possession or not.10/02/2014home

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