Being Prepared

The Verses above tells us that all are destined to die and then face the judgment of God. Some are ready for Godís judgment and are looking forward to eternity with God. Still others are not prepared and are without excuse. Their defense is based on the hope God will extend clemency to them. Those who are ready for Godís judgment have looked into the Salvation plan of God and have applied their lives to live in a acceptable manner in Godís eye.

Those destined to face judgment have not prepared a defense nor are they able. They have consistently ignored so great a salvation. They have not learned that Jesus Christ was Godís anointed one sacrificed on mankindís behalf to take away their sins and the sin of the world. In other words they are unaware that God has devised a way for all men to be reconciled to the father by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Sin has always been the downfall of man since sin is the primary cause that separates man from God. In Godís sight there is only one penalty for sin and that is death. According to Godís plan of Salvation before any man could be reconciled to God, sin had to be atoned for. On the other side of the coin Godís disposition of love chose to rectify the issue of sin through a plan where man was reinstated to a relationship with God through his grace.

Through grace God gave his one and only son to the world as the way the truth and the life but the world has ignored Godís gift. Although the world knows of Godís Son they have chosen not to believe in the name of Jesus. The Holy Scriptures reveals Godís plan of Salvation and tells us that Jesus is the only way for no one comes to the father except through Jesus.

Preparation demands ears that hear and while everyone has ears most people have trained their ears to hear only what interests them. They have closed their ears to the gospel so that they cannot understand the gospel and be forgiven (Mark 4:12). Rejecting the good news of the gospel has a heavy toll on those whose have chosen to close their ears to a revelation that could save them from the wrath of God.

Success for anything demands a familiarity with the goal and how to obtain it. There is a procedure for everything including going to heaven. The first step is always to gather information pro and con on the subject. Before any decision can be made you have to weigh all the information you have gathered. In other words what is the difference between heaven and hell and which destination do I benefit the most from? Letís assume that you have chosen heaven over hell, you have to know how to get there and through that knowledge do what it takes to get there.

Going to heaven is a choice to acknowledge God with a lifetime commitment of serving God, needless to say if you donít seek any knowledge to obtain eternal life you will never make the correct decisions and forfeit your life.

Even though God is an excellent communicator he uses words in ways that we seldom use them. To understand the principles God is expressing we have to know the meaning of the words within the context of the scripture. The person who hears the expressed will of God is the person who pays attention and has made an effort to listen to every word.  Since we live by every word spoken by God you cannot afford to ignore even the little things God expresses.

The road to heaven demands a person of prudence who is self-disciplined. It is easy to know what to do but one has to discipline their life to live under Godís moral guidelines. For example, it is easy to lie to save face but as a Christian you must tell the truth even if it places guilt on your doorstep. Strange as it may seem telling the truth does not have the consequence as telling a lie. With God, forgiveness comes from admitting you have sinned.

Some people resist giving authority of their lives to Christ.  Everyone has to decide if Godís commands are beneficial to them. A careful investigation of Godís commands reveals that holy living develops the personal characteristics that everyone admires in others.  At the same time the way you treat another person is also reflected in how they treat you.

Obedience to God is practicing the highest moral standards of life. Applying Godís laws demands we exercise good judgment to establish a strong respect that promotes the highest quality of life as long as we live. Ultimately obeying Godís command leads to eternal life (John 12:50).

He who hears and understands Godís commands then puts them into practice is the person God intends to bless. Those who live by every word proceeding from the mouth of God are convinced that his command leads to eternal life. By the same token the words of Christ are spirit however it is those who life by faith and place their trust in Jesus that will live.

Where you place your trust is important when it comes to eternal life. Godís command is to believe in name of Jesus and those who believe in his name shall not perish but have eternal life. Believing in the name of Jesus Christ takes faith and the scriptures tell us that every man has faith. The question is do we use the faith God gave us to obtain eternal life?


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