Blessings And Cursings

Out in the western mountains and coastal plains of the United States there is a dramatic shortage of water. The ground is cracked and near dust bowl conditions exist. The farmers there are afraid to plant because of the lack of water. What is worse is that those living in the western farm lands do not see the spiritual implications when faced with hard times in a severe drought.

The scripture above are the blessings God has promised if you obey the Lord your God (Deuteronomy 28:2). These blessings will accompany your life and everything you put your hands to do. However if you were to refuse to obey God He promised to turn his back on you just as you have done to him. His promise is still valid and currently seen over the western United States.

As men we seldom point our fingers at the true source of our problems. The problem is not God or the Santa Ana winds nor the lack of snowfall in the Rockies. It has more to do with the lack of reverence, failing to seek the Lord and obey his commands. At the same time we can see the next generation busy killing one another in the schools. The morals of the next generation have been cast aside so they may do as they see fit.

    There is only cursing, lying and murder, stealing and adultery; they break all bounds, and bloodshed follows bloodshed. Hosea 4:2

The lack of restraint that shapes respect for one another has decayed to the point no one cares as long as they are not affected. They hold grudges and kill for revenge. Their language is filled with cursing and they donít care who hears their anger. They take drugs to have a new high but they lack the wisdom to restrain what they do and create their own nightmare.

The bible speaks of sowing and reaping and they do not know the very things they do returns the seed they gave in abundance. They understand what goes around comes around without understanding what you do will be done to you. However those who want others to feel the pain they are feeling will add pain and suffering in return. This progression of sowing will continue to increase until all boundaries have been crossed and there is nothing but ruin ahead.

The practice of sowing and reaping is simple.  One corn seed can produce an ear of corn covered with more seed than planted. According to wikipedia.org the average ear of corn contains roughly 800 kernels in 16 rows. You can expect a huge return for your work of sowing corn seed but this principle works in every spoken word and action produced by mankind.

You could easily say that the worship of God is the sowing of your adoration and your beliefs to an awesome God who in return endows mankind with his love and grace. You could also say that the worship of God meets Godís need to be recognized for who he is.

He is the creator of the heavens and earth where mankind dwells and has his being. God also respect the lives of mankind and does not want them to perish. Those who recognize God are showered with one blessing after another   By the same token worship of God is sowing a blessing on God.

Delighting in God's goodness is as simple as showing gratitude for all the good things God has done for you. You can savor God by ascribing glory due him and by acknowledging his sovereignty grace and love. Most of all worship is showing a desire to secure a relationship with God. Worship is sowing seeds to please God almighty and in return you will reap the desires of your heart.

Instead the world shows their backside to God and grumble. They grumble about poor crops; too much sun, not enough rain, and because of poor crops they can no longer afford the things that satisfy their flesh. They see financial ruin and turn further away from God. They neither seek God nor see the lack of worship for God as the origin of their problems.

 As they continue to go their own way the curses of God increase until they are completely ruined. The curses of God were intended to bring mankind to his senses when he considers the problems he is having. The sky became bronze, the ground turned as hard as iron and the sweat of the brow burned in their eyes. Yet the solution is to worship the God that created the heavens and earth as the dwelling place for mankind. God loves his creation and sends rain of the righteous as well as the sinner.

Lot was the only righteous man in Sodom and Gomorrah but what happened when he arrived in Zoar?  The men in Sodom and Gomorrah became indecent by casting all restraint aside all because they refused to obey God. God did not make them perverted at birth as some think but by their own choice they did as they saw fit and became morally corrupt by going against the natural desire for the opposite sex. This alarmed God enough to make an example of their sinful condition to those who live today.

 Are we seeking God for the answers to life and are we listening to God to his answers? Christ is at your door but are you asking him in your life? We may never know the answers to all our questions but we do know that out of Godís grace and mercy he genuinely wants to bless you with good things.

On the other hand it doesnít make sense that God could converse to people who doesnít want anything to do with him? Why should God express his desires to people who pay no heed to his advice? People ignore God in exchange for the things of the world and that through their own effort. This is why donít people understand that it is impossible to go to heaven without knowing the God of heaven.

When it is all said and done our lives are in the hands of a Supreme Being and ruler of the earth. The good things of life come through the goodness of God in form of blessings.  At the same time he said if you refuse to repent you will perish. 2/26/2014


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