Boasting About God

Every Christian should thank God for the knowledge we have of him and benefit from the everlasting love of an awesome God for the rest of our lives. All of God characteristics mentioned in Jeremiah 9:24 transform our lives into sons and daughters of God when we spend time with him.  

The benefit of knowing God will cause you to draw closer and become more intimate with God. As you draw closer to God, his reasoning and character will soon be admired and become a quality you consider worthy of adopting. Itís not that God specializes in changing the hearts of men but that your desire is to be like him.

In his presence you are drenched in his love, sanctified by the truth and receive the encouragement you need Ė to do all things in Christ Jesus. His presence strengthens you with resolve to live a holy life and persevere in times of trouble. You learn to treasure Godís truth for it is the foundation that life revolves around.

We learn a higher plane of thoughts and ways to govern our lives through love. At the same time God makes his grace abound to develop you into a child he can be proud of. God is faithful and will exceed your expectation for he will deliver you from every trial. God is faithful to His promises and guards the good deposit in you. Even greater you have the knowledge that if you should die whether before or when he returns you will go to be with him in heaven.

God is the closest friend a believer can have for he is ready to serve you in your time of need. He is merciful seeing your need and is compassionate and able to respond to your needs. He saw the sinful state of man and sent his son to redeem them and free them from the slavery of sin.

Through reverence we learn about the greatness of God and about his plan of salvation. We learn that God forgave our sins through the death of his one and only son and we learn that it is by Godís grace that we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ. Because we learn to love him we desire to be loyal to him and follow him through thick and thin.

By knowing God we learn that God is a

We learn that God is Holy because of his desire to be morally pure. God has a disposition of love that chooses not to harm his peers or creation.

Godís plan for his creation reveals his desire to love his creation. He wishes to see you to succeed in everything you put your hands to. Itís true, there is a reward Godís children can expect in the hereafter which is a future the privilege of living throughout the ages to come. At the same time God has an expectation of you that you reform your way of your own free will.

Some may believe that God is going to force men and women to obey him. God has put his spirit in you to move you not to drive you to obey him

God does not beat people into submission rather we obey him to show our love for him. We love him because he first loved us. It was a love so deeply rooted in Jesus Christ that he stepped down from his glorious throne to become a Human being. During his lifetime he demonstrated the love of God to the needy and those in slavery to sin.

Godís justice demanded the death of those who sinned. Through a devoted commitment to his fatherís plan, Jesus laid down his life for every person that sinned. He could have called for ten thousand angels to save him from death on the cross but chose to die according Godís plan to reconcile man to God. Expunging the sins of mankind was the sole reason for his death on the cross.  

It was the love of God to forgive mankind of his and the choice of a gracious God to relent from exacting the penalty of eternal torment we deserve.  God has a plan for every person who ever lived but mankind must choose life or death.  Choosing life demands that we love God and obey him. On the other hand the choice of death or to die eternally is usually a choice of neglect and the refusal to listen to God.

No one in his or her mind wants a perverted or a degraded person living in their home. There are all kinds of ways of looking at Heaven but it is the celestial home of God. Godís home is immense, so spacious that heaven can house billions of people. Heaven is also the seat of Godís kingdom. Godís morals and holiness make heaven a desirable place to reside the rest of our lives. From Godís eyes do you think that he wants rebels; unruly people without morals or those who do not restrain their actions and would disrupt the peace and tranquility of Heaven?

We learn that people without morals arouse Godís anger. When you think about wrath, God prefers to demonstrate love and finds ways to relent from flooding the earth or raining burning sulfur on mankind. Time and time again God sent his prophets to warn man to reform their thoughts and ways. Even then mankind refused to listen to a caring God who said he would not let them go unpunished.

At the same time God says you are without excuse because he made his power and divine nature plain to every person on Earth (Romans 1:20). For the most part mankind know they were created by God but they are not interested in knowing why God created them. They believe that God is a supreme being that created the earth but donít realize that God will judge them according to their deeds.

God is awesome; his wonders are beyond manís ability to comprehend. Yet God has invited us to take part in the future he is planning to have throughout the ages to come. At the same time he wants all of mankind to delight in the wonderful things God finds pleasure in.

The choice is still valid today and you are invited to have the life God wants you to acquire. God does want anyone to perish but come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Accepting Jesus Christ into your life is the only way to have eternal life for it is written that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life (John 14:6). 2/26/2014  



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