Casting Off Restraint

Can the homosexual life be justified through mixed emotions and your experiences? Do you believe something just because someone else does? Some say they are a gay person because God made them that way. Another person says I am in control of my destiny. The truth demands you find the answers before the appointed time when every person is confronted by his or her creator. One thing is certain without knowing God you have a guarantee that his opinion will be different from yours. Whatever we do on earth points to the eternal destiny you have chosen. For some your destiny is a choice but for others there is a downright nasty consequence from which there is no way of escape.

For those who say I am a gay person because God made that way you should look at the population you live in. Less than five percent of the worldís population is gay but ninety five percent have a natural instinct to raise a family. These facts are obvious because they are understood by what is seen in everyday society.

God designed this world to produce seed after its own kind in order to replenish the earth. Regardless where you go on earth men and women are reproducing the next generation who will propagate the following generation. Even the homosexual has ancestry but are they leaving a legacy behind?

Does religion force people to reject the homosexual lifestyle?  Quite frankly the homosexual lifestyle is rejected in nations regardless of their relation with a god but whatís important to all mankind is that the God of creation says you are without excuse. To God the homosexual life does not produce seed after its own kind.  From the human viewpoint homosexuality is somewhere between acceptable and tolerable, even though the natural instinct of the average person feels the homosexual lifestyle is utterly detestable.

On the other hand homosexualís blames the God of creation for their troubles.  Why would the God of creation command Christians to love the homosexual with the love of God? God is not partial, he loves his creation and as a just God is warning the homosexual of the eternal consequences. On the other hand when a child is born into this world the best they can do is cry at the top of their lungs to make their needs known. After birth to the day that person expires they will make trillions of decisions and among them was a decision to become gay of their own accord. In warning the homosexual God is giving them the opportunity to reform their ways un return for eternal life through Jesus Christ.

What more could we ask. Life would be a living hell without a companion to share it with and by the grace of God he provided enough of the opposite gender to replenish the earth with mankind. Talk about perpetual design, God planned a way to repopulate the earth continuously until he returns. When you think about life, raising a family is one of manís major accomplishments during his lifetime.

Again its normal when your child leaves the family home to make their own life to search for a full time mate. Sometimes they have luck and sometimes they find the ideal candidate who wants relations more than a lifetime companion. Sometimes your lifetime companion is found where you least expect to find one. Ninety-five percent of mankind finds a mate and begins to raise a family by the time they reach 30 years of age.

The average person educates themselves to prepare them for a life time in a specific field. Still it is due to the lack of human reasoning that any person throws their commonsense aside to get what they want. That lack of restraint leaves the child bearer with twenty years of hardship without the help of a lifetime mate and companion. Whatís worse is that single parents are on the increase because they indulge in their cravings.

At the same time the homosexual lifestyle is growing for a lack of restraint. Still they know they are outsiders in the world because the normal person is family orientated. Being acclimated in society of numerous families they have to be blind to Godís expectations to be participating in human genocide. However the homosexual lifestyle puts the logic of genocide aside for the pleasure of corrupted instincts. Sin has its pleasure for a season but becoming a gay person is guaranteed to cause life threatening medical conditions.

Human genocide is a spiritual disorder that destroys human life slowly because without propagation the next generation will not exist. God made the world to be populated and if the next generation isnít populated life as we know mankind would cease to exist. The homosexual lifestyle is blatantly self-centered because it is open rebellion against the natural order of life that God created.

Pleasure from the homosexual lifestyle abandons the normal relations of human nature because homosexuality disrupts the normal replenishing of mankind on earth. However the homosexual lifestyle is not the only area where mankind abandon the life planned by God for personal pleasure.

People have pleasure in smoking then it turns into an addiction then to death. The irresponsible receive pleasure from drugs that too turns into an addiction then to death.  Greedy people have pleasure in gambling then it turns into an addiction then to bankruptcy. Alcoholics have pleasure in drinking then it turns into slurred speech, bad decisions, fines, sluggish responses and accidents. People think they have control over their habits but in the long run their habits have control of their life.

Although people know they are doing wrong they cast off restraint due to their arrogance. Even with the right knowledge men and women would rather to do things their way hoping the consequences wonít happen. Some say itís only wrong if you are caught and then complain when the have been caught.

The end cannot justify the means. In an organized society there are laws to prevent harming one another. Whether it is manís society or the Kingdom of God the majority of laws legislate morality. Wars, abortion and the gay lifestyle is the main cause that stunts normal population growth for the next generation.  However human life has limits since every human being is prey to the aging process. The next generation is a necessity for the care of the sick; the elderly and those who require assisted living.

Every man and woman has a mandatory appointment with the God that created them. Death is not an option for some but they will meet the one person they avoided all their life in an unfavorable mood.  While we may be able to justify our lives here on earth you will not be able to justify your sin to God. Since God will judge every deed done while in the body, so give what you have done some thought for your deeds points to your destiny.

As a Christian I am commanded to love one another not to judge another personís lifestyle. At the same time I am commanded through Godís love to warn the gay person of a consequence for their choices.  God does not relish the death of the sinner but prefers to warn them that the magnitude of the penalty for sin is extremely harsh.  

Jesus is the author of life and the failure to listen to his words of spirit and life will cause his creation to cast off all restraint (Proverbs 29:18). Everyone on earth knows that God created the heavens and the earth yet how many men and women have asked why God created mankind. Everything has a purpose in Godís creation but when man chooses a lifestyle God hates he is literally rebelling against God and his purpose for creating mankind. Finally it is important to remember that God loves you and doesnít want you to perish and has offered all men and women a pardon from sin through Jesus Christ.  4/22/2014


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