Complacency Manís Worst Enemy

Why should I be concerned over your fate when you donít listen to wisdom of others? How could you be resting on the hope that you are safe when you donít know how the person who will judge your life thinks? Itís unfortunate but the things you didnít know causes the trouble you get into.

They say you never know when or where lightning will strike but lightning strikes those who are unaware that it could happen to them. At the same time they did nothing to understand where usually lightning strikes or take preventive measures to avoid lightning from striking them. Contentment when combined with total ignorance of what kind of possibilities that could happen in life leads to a happy go lucky life. On the other hand living without knowing how your surroundings may affect your life will lead to disaster. Regretfully, itís what you donít know that causes what happened and its consequences will change the rest of your life.

In this life a second of carelessness around machinery sends you to the hospital. However life would be rather boring and useless without someone of your own kind to associate with. The problem is we can become complacent without caring how we treat our fellow man. 

Our complacency places us in the driverís seat that separates from the person that may be able to comfort you in your senior years.  In hindsight complacency will burn the bridges of your future. We need to be concerned enough to recognize that our human nature is the match that ignites and burns a concern for you in your future.  

People do not realize that time is against you for one day youwill have to pay the piper. However, life is not always limited by the circumstances you make but by those you fail to control. The bible tells us that sin prompts your mouth and it is your tongue that condemns you. With your tongue you curse God and say you have no need for him.  You shake your fist at the Judge of mankind but you also pronounce your own sentence. In ignorance you told God what you think of him and what you have done towards those God loves justifies how you want God to eternally reward or condemn you.

You may think you are OK with God but have you consideredthe opinion God has of you? There two sides to the coin of life and when flipped you never know what side turns up until the outcome cannot be changed.  The coin is never rigged to favor God, because the decisions you make will either work for you or against you. Complacency amounts to assuming more than you should and doing nothing to make informed decisions.

Still the average person runs the race of life knowing that their creator will judge all of mankind when the race is over. It seems as if the majority of the world is so carefree that they donít make the effort to find out what pleases the Lord to stack the odds in their favor.

The world for the most part makes a casual effort to live right before their fellow man.  The world suffers in the long run without the knowledge and the discipline that comes from God.  The world does not understand that the earth was created as a fore runner to eternal life. God wants to know if mankind would live according to Godís plan so he would have peaceful coexistence with his creation.

 Instead man has become like God knowing the difference of good and evil but cannot comprehend the reasoning of Godís laws to love one another. Instead they return evil for evil because of the way the world treats them. However when returning evil for evil they become as evil as the evil they hate.

Letís not be complacent (satisfied) with our lives or resigned to our fate when we can achieve the life God wants.  The day of darkness is at hand when all of mankind faces his creator and Judge. On that day God will have complete control of the living and the dead will have them brought to his throne to render a verdict of his choosing. On that day the arguments in our defense will be worthless when God looks at the deeds of our life.

Most of the world is like the unjust Judge who did not fear God or care about men. Letís consider that his decision benefitted him more than the woman asking for justice. This judge was among the defiant that did not want to hear the wisdom of God. He was an arrogant man that rebelled against the knowledge and authority of God. A proud man rising above his fellow man but still a man made from the dust of the earth only to discover utter ruin and destruction awaits him on that day and he wonít be able to change the way he lived.

God says that the Christian has become complacent for some are neither cold nor hot. There are some that you cannot distinguish from the world and others that are on fire for the Lord.  Christians can become so complacent that they forget they have been cleansed from his past sins. Paul reminded Timothy to fan into flame the gift of God.

The goal of every Christian is to become more Christ like. However it seems as if too many Christians can say been there and done that but have the attitude that I am OK as long as it doesnít happen to me. The love of God is a active love reaching outward to his fellow man to do things that benefit them.

Self-centered Christians do not honor one another above themselves. They appear to be content sitting in the pews soaking up the blessing of God rather than being a blessing to their fellow man. Instead they should be making every effort to make their calling and election sure.

God called his children to become ambassadors of his kingdom. We are the sons of the living God and kings that will reign with Christ for a thousand years. But first we must learn to be a king who is not intimidated by his fellow man like Saul was. We must become a person who is not ashamed of our father in heaven and do what is right.  

Complacency does not resist the enemy of God and shun evil in the face of those who scoff and make fun of us. We have an incentive to do what pleases God and a future reward from running the race of life full of good deeds that benefits the people around us. God has made us aware of the fate of those who do not think they need to honor God with the way they live. They will meet face to face with their worst enemy Ė unable to make amends because they were complacent.



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