Conclusion Of The Matter

We can find the excuses/reasons for anything we want to do just as easily for the things we donít want to do. What concerns me is the spiritual attitude that people have for the things of God. For the Christian their spiritual attitude depends on their desire to know God but the desire for the non-believer doesnít seem to exist. Itís the nature of human beings to procrastinate especially when the gospel of Jesus Christ is too good to be true or just plain foolishness.

At the same time if anyone is comfortable where spirits are sold they generally are not comfortable where the Spirit cleanses the soul. Still, itís wonderful to feel out of place because of your relationship with Jesus Christ is telling you need to find another place to hang your hat. That feeling just may prevent you from paying the consequences for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

God has given us the right to make choices that eventually shape our future. Solomon investigated a number of ideas that did not achieve happiness or success in life. Rather he found almost everything to be chasing after the worthless things that were not satisfying.  He concluded that he was required to serve God to achieve contentment and satisfaction.

Jesus said much the same thing when he said narrow is the gate but broad is the road that leads to destruction. There are many ways for men to travel through life but only one way leads to life.

For the most part man is a self-centered being that wants to be happy and contented with what he has. However man has a sinful nature that is never satisfied with what the world offers. Man is unaware that the desires of the sinful nature conflicts with the desires of the Spirit. So that man is in conflict with God and in a state of continual unrest.

According to Isaiah 26:3 peace with God brings contentment and satisfaction. Yet Romans 8:5 says it is living according to the spirit or being controlled by the spirit of God is life and peace.  In his infinite mercy God is working with you to achieve common goals.

The authority of most men is precious and most will not relinquish their right to govern their lives to God. The authority of men is self-centered demanding that you serve me or else to Iíll serve you if I get what I want. The spirit demands that you deny self, take up your cross and follow Christ Jesus.

The life of Jesus Christ led him to the cross to serve God by reconciling man to God. Taking up your cross is following Jesus Christ wherever he leads which may be the area of ministry God has given you. Following the path Jesus takes will lead to reconciling man to God through you.

Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what the flesh desires for its comfort and pleasure. Your sinful nature is satisfied temporarily but the sinful nature is always looking for something new and exciting. Without God those desires are never satisfied rather they stifle your happiness with a longing for something else.

Solomon said it is chasing after the wind for the wind is always fleeing from you. The fads of today are gone when a new fad appears. The things of this world fade away but our eyes only see dimly what will be in our future.

Most want to know what their future will bring to them. Some prepare for life by acquiring knowledge that guarantees success yet that success is temporal and will not establish a relationship with God.

From Godís outlook success is in running the race he set for you to run. In his race you must set your eyes on Jesus and the prize of eternal life associated in knowing him. The things of this life are distractions that take your mind off the race of life and into the things that harm your relationship with God.

Men excuse themselves from church attendance praying to God and reading the bible. These things deter from the life they want to have and those things consume their time and efforts. They deprive you of the things God wants from you and prevent you from knowing God.

The conclusion God wants men to understand that he has certain expectations of mankind. God will bring every deed of man into judgment meaning man is accountable to God. The deed God recommends is love and obedience.

By the same token do you know or are you searching for ways to please God. Without the knowledge of what God desires from you will not be able to achieve the objectives God has for your life. By the same token if you do not know God you increase your chances of nearing the words depart from me for I never knew you!  

Common sense reveals that you cannot call Jesus Christ if you donít do what he commands. God says do unto others as you would have them do to you. You can ignore the desires of God during your lifetime but on Judgment day expect your desires to be given the same attention as you gave Godís desires.

The average person does not have the same expectations and goals as God has. Man perception of life is always seen from his eyes and he does what he thinks is right. However we are leaving this world behind and entering a new life conceived by God.

 In Godís eternal realm all things will become new and God will still rule over the lives of man. In this life you can demonstrate your desire where you want to spend eternity by developing Godís way of thinking and maturing with deeds that God approves of.

The conclusion is that every person entering the kingdom of God will revere him with the desire to obey his laws and decrees.  Godís kingdom is everlasting and the failure to love and obey him will disrupt and possibly destroy his kingdom. Because Satan disrupted Godís kingdom he was expelled by force to a place of torment. Knowing this will encourage you to love and obey God of your free will.


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