Death Has No Pleasure

God receives no pleasure in the death of the wicked neither in the physical death or in the spiritual death of men. Yet both will happen when God is ignored or rejected. God wants all men to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ who rescues us from the coming wrath of God.(1 Thessalonians 1:10)

Some do not know that spiritual death can be avoided through Jesus Christ. Physical death what we know as expired, when the body stops breathing. Spiritual death is perishing in the lake of fire a place of eternal torment of which there is no escape.  It is through Jesus Christ that there is a future life with God.

Within this verse we can see the basic formation of mankind. First the body of man was formed from the dust of the earth after being formed God breathed into his nose the breath of life.  It took a combination of these two actions according to Genesis 2:7 for man to become a living being. Therefore the flesh of man is of the earth and is sustained by what the earth produces. At the same time man is a spirit being sustained by knowledge of God driven along by the breath of God.

Man is a physical being that lives by the food staples produced from the earth or what we know as bread. Man also needs an education to prosper within a trade that is accumulated through knowledge. Yet human knowledge does little to produce righteousness before God.  It is the reverence of God with knowledge that produces the character of man desired of God.  Itís with the knowledge that mankind is able to encourage and teach others to follow Christ.

Wickedness is the consequence of not acknowledging God, not having a reverence for God and the refusal to know God. When there is no God there is no one to be accountable to, there is no need to revere an authority you do not recognize and there is no need to know God. Therefore you are free to live as you see fit.

For this reason those who live as they see fit put themselves in place of God where you become the only authority of your life. God is known to all men for God has made himself known to mankind through the things he created to sustain your life. How can man stand on the bow of an ocean liner and look to the horizon and see nothing but water in any direction and how can man look at the stars and not say this had to be created by God?  We believe that God created everything we can see but we refuse to recognize Godís authority over your life. The knowledge that God exists is undeniable so man has no excuse for not wanting to know more about him.

It is a known fact that God created the heavens and the earth. Letís consider what God created can be destroyed by God. What if all the breathable air was suddenly vanished, who would survive? If all the breathable air was gone you would be standing before a Holy God who just might say ďI never knew you.Ē You are not welcomed here! Banning you from his presence is known as spiritual death.

  Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die? (Ezekiel 33:11)  You can avoid the second death by recognizing Godís authority to rule over your life. For the most part men have an understanding that God rules the universe and created the heavens and the earth. Little do they know or do they understand that they were formed from the dust of the earth created by God?  

We live because he exists.  For this reason God deserves our profound respect for creating the environment that sustains our lives. Just as mankind considers what he creates belongs to him, we must consider that everything created from the dust of the earth is the possession of its creator and is subject to the creatorís desires. Recognizing God as creator gives man the right to continue to live by subjecting themselves to his or her creator.

Acknowledgment of God must progress to personally knowing God and obedience.  We must love God with our entire being and love one another as we love our selves.  Love is expressed by building one another up rather than tearing everyone down. 

Wickedness is not partial but it is destructive to everyone in its path. Wickedness brings with it pain and mental suffering that eventually destroys the inner man. Again wickedness declares war and creates unrest until it destroys everything that makes life enjoyable.

If Godís plans for the perfect kingdom is to succeed than all wickedness has to be eradicated. Mankind knows what death means to life to each person. God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked but in the overall picture of life but sin has to come to a complete stop. Just as death ends life in the physical realm spiritual death makes living impossible throughout eternity.

God takes no pleasure in the death of anyone but to kill goes against the grain of his morals and is repugnant to him. Yet sin must be dealt with and because we are creatures of habits sin must be dealt with harshly. At the same time God is eternal and his disposition governs his ways in like manner. Wickedness leads to utter destruction that is cannot bring back life therefore hell is reserved for those who destroy life.   

Wickedness creates the chaos; turmoil and disorder we face in this life leading to the stress and unrest in our lives. The stress caused from wickedness will be absent in heaven because everything that causes sin and those who sin will be put in the lake of fire. Therefore the wicked will be out of the presence of God and will have no rest just as they gave the righteous no rest in this world. 1/19/2015


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