Deceiving The Elect

No matter what we read in the bible there is so many facts that doesnít seem to click the first time around. As far as that goes it may be several times before the truth of Godís word rings the bells in our loft. Luke 18:8 is one of those passages that you can read several times and it doesnít stop between the ears long enough to really consider its true impact on our lives.

It wasnít until I was studying the end times where the false prophet was performing all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders that my bells began to ring. These false signs and wonders are designed to deceive the elect if that were possible however it may not be the elect that these counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders affect.  

We must understand that counterfeit things are not real but a copy of the original. In this case the original prophet of God went about destroying the works of the devil and was attested by God with signs and wonders as the Son of God. His mission was to reconcile men to God.

The false prophet comes in opposition to Christ. His mission is to destroy the works of Jesus Christ and destroy the faith that Christians have in Jesus Christ. He comes to a people who live by sight not by faith displaying all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders to be seen by man.

A true picture of the second coming demands that we look at what Satan is doing during this time. The beast of revelation 13:8 is out to belittle an almighty God and to blaspheme the God that created him. Then he sets out to make war with those who hold to the testimony of Jesus Christ and believe in the power of his name.

The main objective of war is to destroy the weapons of the enemy that can be used against you. Among these weapons are the truth of Godís word and the faith men have in Jesus Christ. These are weapons that destroy lies and deceit which are founded on truth and the reliance on God to honor his word. Christians have used truth and their reliance on Christ since his death on the cross with great success.

According to Revelation 13:7 this beast was given authority to conquer the saints so that all the people of the world will worship his God. The only exception is the saints whose names are written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb of God.  

The works of the devil are explained in Revelation 13:11-17 in greater detail. Letís remember that the signs and wonders of this character are counterfeit. For example Elijah called for fire to fall on men (2 Kings 1:10,12) and the second beast performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Notice this counterfeit miracle was done to be seen by men who live by sight, not by faith in God.

Secondly this beast will be extremely successful in his military campaigns as before him life is everywhere and behind him utter ruin and death will abound. If God had not shorten those days no one would have survived (Matthew 24:22). The same was true in the campaigns for the promise land.

We also must consider the image created in the likeness of the first beast. The first beast ordered the abomination of desolation be made and set up to be seen by mankind.  In the beginning God took the dust of the earth and formed the image of himself and called it man. Then God breathed into the image of himself and it became a living being. The counterfeit of this deed is the abomination of Desolation an idol that will appear to be living to man perhaps because it could speak.

However the purpose of the abomination of Desolation is to deceive the world into worship of the beast. This miracle is designed to show that this beast is capable of creating living things but incapable of love. To demonstrate this point he commanded that all men regardless of their stature be marked identifying them as property of Satan. That mark will make them unacceptable to Almighty God on Judgment day.

The same kind of evidence God used to prove the deity of Jesus Christ will be used to verify the deity of a fallen Angel that wants to ascend above the throne of God.  Sight is a powerful influence in the perception of mankind but will it influence man to believe the lie? Is it possible to deceive those who believe in God to forsake their covenant with God?

Time will tell and it would be wise for the Christian to remember what Jesus said about his ministry.

The deity of Jesus Christ was established through God the father performing the miracles accredited to Jesus Christ. The things we see and hear in this world are accomplished through the principles God established before the world was created. Godís word is true even when it is used against him to establish the temporary but counterfeit god of this world.

 However the devil is taking advantage of the means that men use to perceive and navigate this world. What a man perceives through his senses of sight, hearing and touch is assimilated in his brain to govern his life.  Manís disposition determines how he reacts to his perception. When there is nothing to oppose his perception he can be easily be deceived.

Men have rejected the truth of Godís word even in the face of Jesus Christ. Christ brought the message of life through faith in his name with the right of free choice. However men have thought his message to be too good to be true and often foolishness. Mankind is ripe for the deception of Satan and will be intimidated and otherwise influenced to worship Satan under the threat of death.

The answer is yes but in whom? Satan will come with the authority of God and will counterfeit Godís plan to reveal himself to the world. Donít be surprised if Satan uses intimidation and threats of death if you donít bow down to him. All of us are going to die once in our life time and you have the choice to die in Christ. The biggest deception is you will die if you accept the mark of the beast and die because you accepted the mark of the beast.

Does living for Jesus make sense? Are you willing to die in Jesus Christ knowing to be absent from the flesh is to be present with the Lord? These are answers you have to consider and provide evidence of your beliefs in spirit and truth to God.  



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