Effect Of Rumors

Anyone can find unscriptural areas of other peopleís life or ministry when they make the effort to look for it, but practicing oneís faith in a proper manner before God is far better. Because God is love, the most important lesson God wants you to learn on earth is how to love. By loving those we encounter, we become more like Christ, because love is the foundational command he has given his church. Christ said, the whole law can be summed up in one command: Love others as you love yourself.

Learning to love is not easy to do because loving others is works against our own self-importance, which requires you to put others first. That is hard to do, but God in his infinite wisdom gave you a lifetime to learn how to love as he does. God wants you to love your neighbor, as you love yourself especially those within the family of God.

I was asked to review a book by a friend with the report that they heard it was unscriptural. One thing is certain, if you are doing the will of God you are going to be criticized and persecuted. I know that no one in the church is perfect and my ministry is not up to snuff, but by Godís standard I have no right to judge anyone else. The Bible says, love finds no fault so do we love our brotherís in Christ when we spread rumors about a ministry that God ordained? Would any of us need Christ if we were perfect? Godís word declares that everyone has sinned and fallen short of Godís glory. Every man was born in sin and we have all gone astray. The person bringing the accusation had heard a bad report from a friend and was caught in the trap to spread negative opinions to anyone willing to listen.

First let us consider where the false report originated. This report did not further his agenda or wasnít his beliefs. Secondly, the person who asked for the review was caught in the cause the rumor encouraged. God permits you to disagree, but this is when you and I need to stop and think of what our actions do. Bad news sells newspaper but in the Christian world bad news can destroy the ministry of a man devoted to Christ. The rumor in turn destroys the work of Christ and the Lord you serve. God does not want rumors about your brothers in Christ to go in your ears and out your mouth. What you are doing is like trying to sell a car by saying that itís a rust bucket.

God knows that all men have fallen short of his glory but God prefers perfection in the relationship you have with him. Finding faults in anyoneís ministry is not a ministry God gives to Christians. God has never told us to destroy the lives of others, but focus on building them up with the truth of Godís word. You are commanded to restore those caught in sin gently, but never tear anyone down by disagreeing with him in heated arguments. However, letís remember that all of us have a plank in our eye, and all of us have areas to work on.

People who entertain bad reports about people within the church would do better to pay closer attention to their own ministry. I know a good evangelist that tore down another personís ministry, but in doing so spent time they could have used for the glory of God. People who spread rumors need to be reminded that Godís laws consist of love. Accusing the brethren is what Satan does best. Letís also remember that when the spies returned from the promise land the bad reports stifled the courage of the Israelites. Most refused to go into the promise land because they thought it was hopeless and would be killed if they went.

Love keeps no record of wrongs, but always protects, trusts, and hopes. Spreading rumors does the exact opposite, but making the faults of others known to the public is like cultivating the garden to make the rumors grow. Rumor spreaders never have solutions. God calls you to be peacemakers, who solve problems and is involved in the solution. When you point fingers you hurt those God loves and plant seed for a future harvest. In other words you shall reap what you sow.

Christ also said, that the doorkeeper would be better off found busy doing his job when he returned. Spreading rumors is not a part of the Christians job description, nor does it describe the love God wants you to employ. Wouldnít it be better to focus on and do the job that God has ordained for you?

Who benefits the most if you spread rumors you tear the kingdom of God down? Satan is the accuser of the brethren, let him do his thing and you do yours.



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