No one has ever asked me to describe what life is all about and from what I have experienced, life revolves around the favorable decisions the individual makes. Unfortunately other people donít think their much of their decisions.Thatís when they the other person says your idea has to be done my way or you can hang their hat on someone elseís door.  Life can be frustrating when we have to fill out forms, sign on the dotted line and make promises we didnít want to make, just to get what we want out of life.

Over the years the term ďintercourseĒ has become known more for sexual relations than for its true meaning. The dictionary defines intercourse as the way we deal with one another in exchanging goods and services. In other words life demands that we learn to respect the other person by doing everything their way to satisfy their needs. If anything we learn that our ideas donít have the other persons approval and we have to make some adjustments to please the person so we may get the things we want in life.

However there is a difference from the frustrating way the world attempts to have their way and the methods Christianís use to obtain the life they prefer. Christian life is all about how we perceive life with God with an attitude of love to get along with one another. God demands that we serve the needs of others whereas the people of the world believe the world is there to serve them.

Unfortunately it takes twenty years or more to learn that you are going to lose because the world is not out to serve your needs. On the other hand when the world puts its carrot stick out in front of you, you forsake everything to chase after it. When it is all said and done you become the slave of the world and that is not good for us in the long run. 

God brings the attitude of loving one another so that the other person receives the honor and respect due them. This attitude serves the needs of one another through a primary directive God to develop a disposition of love. Jesus came to serve the needs of mankind and in coming he suffered on the cross for the sins of the world so that all may be restored to a relationship with his father. In biblical terms this act is known as Agape love.

In 1 Corinthians 13:13 Agape is rendered as charity and for good reason. Charity is a benevolent form of Agape love serving in such a way to lift the less fortunate up. Itís like compassion that sees a personís suffering with the desire to relieve the pain associated with the suffering.

From the agape love viewpoint we may be able to see the condition of Godís creation after sin entered into the world. God still loved Adam but he banished Adam and Eve from the garden and separated them from his presence. Man had become a slave to sin by obeying its desire and there was no way for man to restore his relationship with God. Because of sin you were banished from God and the only way to be restored to God was a method of forgiveness that pleased God.

God saw the condition that man was in and found a way that men and women would not remain estranged from him. God sent his son to establish a method of intercourse between you and God. Sin has a penalty a consequence that had to be paid before men could be reconciled to a workable relationship with God.

An agreement called repentance reestablishes a working relationship with God. At the same time within this agreement you must change the way you think and the way you do things to please God. Isaiah 55:7-9

We need to understand that Godís plan for life is simple but you are not the only person that is living in in Godís environment. Every one of them wants to go to heaven when this age is completed. Therefore we must learn to love them to please God and our fellow man to receive eternal life from God.

Like everything else an education is required to make an informed decision to guarantee success. It is logical that we must know what pleases God before we can do what pleases him. The bible answers the question how do we please God without faith?

The world believes that faith is the name of the church you attend but God teaches us that faith is the degree of trust you place in one another. When you can they have good intentions but no commitment to honor their word, do you really have faith in that person reliability? On the other hand do you have faith in the person who consistently honors his word?

Honoring your commitments is critical is every relationship. You expect God to honor his promises and God expects you to honor yours. In this respect, Christians have promised to serve God the rest of their lives without realizing this commitment will become an eternal promise. The promises you keep in your dealings with God give you the imputed worth of being honest with God.

God expects you to keep your word to him as much as you expect God to keep his word to you.

God has made it a high priority to keep his promises because every Christian expects God to keep his word.  Joshua said,

Can you say the same about the promises you have made?

In the long run God is interested in your wellbeing and disciplines you because he loves you just as you do to your own children. The longer you know God the Father, the more you think of him as your father. His goal is to raise you to adulthood with the characteristics he approves and is respected for. For this reason he rewards your good deeds and disciplines you to insure that you reflect the character that he can say "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." Matthew 3:17



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