Kiss The Son

Since they did want him to become their king they with outrage loudly declare we will not serve him. Regardless how much you complain the most high has made his Son the anointed one ruler for all time. Serve him and you will live curse him and you will lie in torment forever.

The creator of heaven and the earth has a day in mind when the eyes of the arrogant man will be humbled and the pride of men brought low. The arrogant and proud will call for the rocks and mountains to cover them for the time has come for God to deal with those who refuse to humble themselves before the almighty God has come.

Do we not know everyone who was born on earth will serve the Lord of hosts? Those who love him and serve his needs will be rewarded and reign with Christ but those who ignore him, those who do not know him, those who have chosen not to serve him will serve the Lord of Hostís as examples of his wrath. They will serve him as prisoners of Hell against their will and smoke of their residence will rise forever.

The question has never been will I serve God but how to serve God. Will I serve God of my free will or will I live as I see fit and hope for the best. Maybe we have never noticed that serving anyone in authority as you see fit never works out in your favor. It seems as if those in authority have a way of putting you in your place. What we may not understand is God means business and will put you in your place permanently.

Will I serve God from a distance or will I embrace the Son. Does serving God entail embracing the son as the person God put into authority over all of mankind? Will I humble myself by bowing before him to kiss his hand? How I serve God is a question that every person is required to answer before the day we meet God face to face.

 In other words have I chosen to recognize the Lord of Lords and King of kings as the person God put into authority?  We live by hundreds of decisions made by the creator before he gave us life.  It may not seem like a real choice but your name, the date of your birth and who came before you were not by your choice either. Those who came before us established the foundation for life we have now.  What we may not understand is that Jesus Christ did more to change human history than any other person and through him a new life begins.

In America the choice to live under its laws passed since the birth of our nation.  We live under the leadership of the current president made by a majority decision but we can live in reasonable comfort. Yet you live here by choice and agree to live under our nationís laws while you may not totally agree with its leaders. On the other hand because of human nature you would kiss the presidentís dog if you were to profit tremendously the rest of your life.

What the majority of people may not know is that there is a choice to be born into the eternal kingdom of God. The only requirement upon entering the kingdom of God is to recognize Jesus as Lord. However that choice leads to other choices. After we recognize Jesus as Lord we become subordinate to the authority we gave him.

Kissing the son is the proper gesture demonstrating respect in honoring a person of higher rank and an act representing allegiance. At the same time kissing the son is recognizing the person who appointed him to the throne.  In lay terms the person who serves God submits to the Son. 

Jesus is the person that God the father authorized to reign for a thousand years. When the thousand years are over Jesus will hand his kingdom over to his father. In the meantime will we accept the current structure of authority and submit to the laws; plans and decrees of those who are currently in power?

Just as human beings manufacture goods to serve human needs God created mankind to serve his needs. At the same time it is difficult to understand that human beings were made to serve a higher authority since God gave man the ability to control his destiny. Human beings are the dominant rulers of the earth but immature in ruling our lives.

 As a person created of lower rank than the angels, men may not understand the right of God to rule his or her life. However in the overall picture of creation how can we not accept the person who created us to serve him with all our being? Is that not what we expect of our creations? We have been given a choice to serve God of our free will but it is also a choice to recognize that we were specifically created by God to serve him.

We do not have more authority than which has been given from the throne of grace. In the overall picture of life all of humanity is in the same boat and is subject to their creator. The question is will they submit to their creator even if only by kissing the son.

Psalms 2:1-12 is a warning to those who are obstinate and refuse to honor the Son as their Lord and Savior. Godís plan to establish an eternal kingdom using mankind will take place in the near future. How do we respond to Godís plan is up to the individual.  Are we going to take part of Godís plan or are we going to go your own way?

God prefers that you would accept Jesus Christ as Lord.  Itís within your capability to humble yourself to kiss the Son as much as it is to accept the free gift of life.  On the other hand be forewarned that God has a place who accept his plan as well as a place reserved for those who reject his plan. Psalms 2:12 tells us Godís wrath can flare up in a split second and you very well could be destroyed by doing things your own way.


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