Lack Of Knowledge

Our creator is astonished, perhaps baffled that he has made his divine nature, his existence and his creative ability known through the environment designed to support the life of man. The very native planet we call home is vast and the sites are beautiful to behold. Everywhere we look there is something that proclaims a design of supreme intelligence whose origin is God. Yet as beings capable of reason we take God for granted and ignore our origin and the potential reason for our existence.  

God has been blunt enough to say mankind is without excuse and cannot ignore the fact that everything that God created has a purpose in life. Yet as a whole, mankind ignores a potential reason why God created mankind. When we look at Godís creation everything has a purpose with rhyme and reason.

The bible says after God Created Adam he placed him in the Garden of Eden and once he able to make decisions was transplanted outside the garden. After leaving the garden the decisions of men corrupted Godís creation and mankind went their own arrogant way ignoring the wisdom of God.

When God placed Adam in the garden he did so as if mankind were a planting of the lord. At present mankind is in his growing season and will soon mature in time and God will harvest the earth of mankind.    

God is going to harvest the earth of mankind in the same manner that the farmer does when the crops mature. The farmer normally makes a clean sweep of his field taking the entire crop to market. However, like the farmer God is going to burn the worthless part of the crop and hang onto the valuable part of the crop. We call this Judgment Day.

God never got to his position of authority by being ignored by his subordinate's. We cannot ignore the fact that God owns the earth and everything he put on it and has authority over everything he owns. In addition God is powerful in every area of his life and nothing is impossible to do. As a man we must seriously consider that a subordinate is always subject to the person in authority and a discipline to maintain Godís authority demands ignorance be abolished and the rebellion be punished severely.

We may not completely understand why God gave mankind dominion over the planet we call home. We have the choice to pay no attention to God and the right to ignore the wisdom of God who knows how the planet Earth was designed to work. However, our God given dominion gives us the right to make choices of our free will whether with the advice of our creator or not.

Are men conscious of God when they make decisions and do they know what God expects of mankind? Everything placed on Earth has a distinct purpose to serve by supporting the life of his creation. At the same time, God has a purpose for creating mankind as man is Godís supreme creation. Letís also reason that anyone who designs and makes things does it to serve his needs and God has need for mankind.

Try to understand that God did not create mankind just to say I created a living being. Does mankind create robots to glory in his accomplishments? Just as mankind has purpose for everything he creates God has a purpose for creating every person on the planet Earth.

For the most part humanity lacks the knowledge of what God has planned to do in the ages to come. Embedded in the minds of mankind are two different destinations, one that is desirable associated with eternal bliss and the second that no one in their right mind wants to go to of eternal damnation.  

According to Godís plan man has the right to choose life over death, the choice to go to desirable place of eternal bliss or neglect God altogether. Since God has the authority to choose your destination according to the deeds that show your desire for the free gift of God.

Neglecting the decision to choose life will be devastating to those who lack the knowledge of Godís plan of salvation. The Bible tells us the following,

We can ignore God and we can fail to seek the free gift of God. While Godís gift of life is free it is obvious to anyone one only walks away from a free gift they donít want. Neglecting the choice to take the free gift of life comes with a horrible consequence that cannot be revoked. On the other hand,

Still it is the lack of knowing the gift of God and the salvation available through the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the most part mankind does not know the compassion of God, see himself perishing or know of the grace of God that saves mankind from the coming wrath of God. His lack of knowledge is compounded by Satan who has

Satan is busy preoccupying the minds of men with selfish desires, desires for things of the world that entertain and make one feel secure, wealthy and comfortable. Jesus Said;

  What good is it for you to gain the whole world and leave everything behind when you die?  The things of the world make things better for the body we live in but the things of God nurture the human spirit that is eternal. The arrogant lack the knowledge of God but the prudent seeks the God that created him to know the plans of God and what God expects of him.  

The bible reveals the plans of God and how the decisions you make affect your eternal life. The death and resurrection of our Lord gives us the hope of the gospel, but it also demands that we accept Godís plan of Salvation to obtain the awesome future he has planned for those who accept the free gift of life.


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