Mountain Top Experience

  Climbing a mountain is easy when you never go near one but your idea of it changes when you stand at its foot. The mountain dares you to climb it, as the road only go so far, and then it is by foot. Your life relies on what you take with you and you tire sooner when you are near the top for its harder to breathe. The effort to reach the peak tests your skills so much that when you reach the top, all you can do is flop. Then, suddenly it hits you.

  Wow! Isn't that view just spectacular.

   Wow! Is God talented or what. The view of his work has changed how you see God and there at the top you can't help, but know that God exists. You come away knowing that God made the mountain and all you can see.

Excerpt taken by permission from "Do You Know God?" by  Kenneth Dobbin

Visit his site at  http://www.booktoknowgod.com/


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