Most Americans believe in a Supreme Being known as God and have a belief that he rules the universe we live in. At the same time Americans fail to consider God created the heavens and the earth as the environment to support human life. Most Americans also fail to understand that God has always ruled over his creation and will continue to rule the age to come. Since mankind is the creation of God, you and I need to recognize that we are a subject to Godís rule, those who have not or outright refuse to serve God are in a state of rebellion.  

Today itís not hard to appraise the spiritual condition of our nation. How did we get there? What has happened since our Supreme Court has ruled on Separation of church and State? What has happened since we have taken prayer out of school? The answer lies with the ungodly men that have come into power and it is their influence that has transformed the way our government functions.

The real fault does not lie with those in political positions alone but with the voterís who allows immorality in public office to continue.  Ever since God has been removed from the political arena our nation has suffered a moral decline.  As it was in the days when the Kings served the Baalís, the practice of idol worship turned their subjects from God. The problem our nation is facing today is similar, the idol men worship is the almighty dollar. The outcome is that Americans have turned our backs on God and are following the scent of wealth through their evil desires.

Not too much escapes the politicians of the United States when it comes fulfilling their desire for financial wealth. Recently the men who caused the financial meltdown were rewarded with huge bonuses by the political solution to restore our nationís finances. What United States needs more is a national revival that will turn the hearts of Americans back to God, before the Lord our God withdraws his blessing, his love and his pity from our nation. (Jeremiah 16:5-6) we need to understand this, God says

Letís remember the discipline God applied on the Kings of Israel affected the people in the suburbs as well. God sent raiders into the land of Israel. In America we must remember September 11th when the trade towers and the pentagon were attacked. It may be a coincidence but those who invaded our land came from the same region of the world with similar beliefs.  

The present administration has reversed its policies regarding Israel by giving them a less favored status. How can we allow our leaders to change the policies of the past? Letís remember the covenant God made with Abram who later became Abraham.

Letís consider how we may direct our prayers towards restoring our nation back to God. We need a national revival that restores the American people to one Nation under God. In regards to our President and all other national leaders, we should pray for our politicians to find Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and have ears that hear Godís voice and then the demands of the public.

As a Christian nation we need to read and re-read Jeremiah to hear the importance of Godís mission through Jeremiah, a demand a return to God.

Today we are at war with the terrorist of September 2001 and we are facing a financial crisis, but we have brought these conditions on ourselves by turning from God. We also have a national leader who claims to be a Christian with policies that refused to allow a national day of prayer emanating from the Whitehouse.

Therefore, Pray for a national revival, our nation and our President. As Christians we must understand that we can do nothing without God and we must have his help to overcome the wickedness of those leading our nation away from God. Prosperity is a blessing from God when we acknowledge his authority. If our nation is to regain its prosperity, our nation must turn back to God and obey his commands.

Ever since Separation of church and State and the taking prayer out of school the character of our nationís people has declined. Our nation as a whole has lost respect among the people of the world.  The sin that was once hidden because of the shame involved is now openly displayed and laughed about. Ungodly men are using their presence in high places to influence and transformed the way our government functions.

The bible tells us that when the people of Israel turned away from God, marauders attacked their nation and drove men to their knees asking God for relief. Immediately following 911 many sought the Lord, but that trend has subsided after America regained its sense of security. Americans returned to ignoring God just as they had before 911.

We cannot ignore God for long as God will have our nationís attention. The question is when will God deal with an epidemic of our nationís leaders who are showing a lack of concern for its people, but whose personal wickedness is destroying our nation because of their power struggles and a pursuit for wealth.  



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