Promises Of Worth

All too often the people you know have good intentions but they donít seem to have the time to honor their word. Those who fail to keep their word may not see its relevance to be truthful and honest. At the same time the reliability to others that are depending on what you have promised dwindles.

What if God were sporadic, too busy with other things, have better things to do, or is deeply involved with things are important to him but not to you? These excuses donít mean too much to you when you are waiting and depending on him to do what he promised. Why is it that these excuses (or reasons) are valid when it is you that other people are relying on?

When we look at the number of promises that God has made we soon learn that God is a person who has made hundreds of commitments that serve the needs of his people. No one can avoid a commitment as commitments are an integral part of relationships with your fellow man. Everyone has use for specific skills another person has and it is their willingness to help you in your time of need that is greatly appreciated.

 As human beings we are always in need of love and other people who serve your needs by acts of kindness that honors you. Acts of kindness can be buying toys for the kids, taking the garbage to the curb, planning and preparing your meals. These things may become drudgery due to repetition but they are things your family members need done on a regular basis.

Relationships are an essential part of life but relationships are worthless without a purpose for knowing the person. What value does a relationship have if there is no trust? Do you reveal your secrets to them? Do you rely on the person who has good intentions but fails to keep his or her word?

Everyone is capable of forgetting their promises and some are in need of being reminded what they have committed to. It is the person who never seems to have time to honor one another by doing what they promised that loses their worth to you.   

It also stands to reason when people make promises with good intentions but have a habit of not doing what they have promised their word could be easily considered unbelievable. In other words their word means nothing to you. What value do promises have if they do not accomplish the purpose for which it was given?

Making your commitments to other people should be a high priority on your part. Those who are relying on you need you to complete what you promised so they can achieve success at what they want to accomplish. Failing to do what you promised puts them in a bind so they cannot complete what they are committed to do.

God is a person of absolutes that works on the basis of either it is or it is not.   The following verses reveal this characteristic of God.

Keeping ones word is a moral issue with God because either you honor your word or you donít, if it is not the truth than its not. Giving your word without keeping it is deceptive to the person your promise was given to. If you expect God to keep his word shouldnít other people expect you to keep your word?

Honoring your word is a reputation builder. The effort of honoring your word demands that you give your word special attention, to credit it with worth and to place your word above your own needs. God desires that we honor one another above ourselves and doing what you have promised is a way to establish long lasting relationships. Actions speak louder than words and reliable friends are hard to come by, but demonstrating the value you have in your promises reveals the value you have in another person God loves.  The manner that you handle your promises will either build or destroy your relationship with God and your fellow man.

Again the failure to keep ones word has the outcome of burning your bridges behind you. It takes a long time to rebuild the bridge of trust without a priority on implementing your commitments. The commitment you have to your word has the power of to persuade others that they need you because you have worth to them. Look at the example of Abraham.

Abraham considered God had the ability to have Sarah conceive a child even though she was well beyond child bearing age.  Abrahamís relied on Godís promise being fully persuaded God would do what he promised. For this reason Abraham was credited with righteousness. Godís word is highly honored by God fearing men because his word has never failed yet.

The bible tells us that our lives do not depend on the food the earth produces. Rather God says that our lives depend on the words spoken from his mouth. He gives us the promise that every word will accomplish its purpose.

What about the words coming from your mouth, do they accomplish the goals they were intended to do? The person you have a relationship are relying on you to help them succeed in life. Every person is dependent on other people to serve them. 

Letís consider the enjoyment we would have in our life without something to do and the ability to share our accomplishments with another person.  When life is eternal the effort we make to keep our word goes a long way to build and establish worthy and lasting relationships.




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