Signs Of The Times

No matter where you live we have the experience to know when trees sprout leaves we had the guarantee that summer was near. Jesus used the sprouting of leaves as an illustration to say when you see the signs of his coming, you would know that the end of time was near and his return about to take place.   

The budding of the leaves was the normal sign that warmer weather of the summer would soon follow. Jesus knew that his creation was always looking for signs. The signs Jesus gave for the end times should alert you of the time that Jesus would soon return for his elect.  

The people who work outside habitually listen to weather reports. Their reason is that they want to plan their work so that if it rains they can reduce their downtime with inside work. The problem is that we can be so engrossed with our own lives that we do not pay any attention to the signs of the time.

On the other hand, Christians listen to prophetic ministries who take the news story of the day and support them with scripture saying could this be a sign that Jesus is coming soon. Most of their predictions do not happen but their books sell millions of copies. People are eager to know the future because they cannot read the signs of the time.     

Thousands of Christians have studied the end times but the biblical information or knowledge they possess and believe is the determining factor to what the signs of our Lordís return are to them. For example most Christians believe in the tribulation period, but cannot establish this belief with any certainty of scriptures. Without sound doctrine based on scriptures they cannot correctly interpret the signs of the time.

For the most part know the signs that speak of the Lord return but base their belief according to the teaching that others have. However, among Christian leaders and scholars their beliefs differ radically and each are based on their personal interpretation. Just one verse can change everything and redefine their beliefs.  Lets look at the defining scripture of my beliefs.

I use the two or more witness rule to establish my beliefs. My reasoning tells me that one witness represents what one person has seen heard and believed. However, when the testimony of second witness agrees with the first, their combined statements present a verified statement that corroborates the revealed truth. However, when six statements on the same subject agree we have a truth that erases all doubt.  (See John 6:39, John 6:44, John 6:54, John 11:24, John 12:48).

Proper interpretation requires that a person acquire the sum total of all the signs of the time. Many believe that some of the signs of the end times have occurred and that Christís return is soon while others continue to look for the sign they believe in.  Because the knowledge about the end times varies from one Christian to the next, because of this there will be a continuos argument until Christ returns to settle every dispute.

The signs of the time are not understood uniformly among Christians. What did Christ mean by great distress? That issue has been debated over the years without resolution. And the reason why the days of the end time will be cut short is not generally known. Everyone has an opinion, but it seems as if their opinion outweighs the opinions of others. The outcome is no resolution or apparent consensus of opinion so the signs of the time remain a mystery to this day.

The solution is in the bible, however donít expect others to agree with you. Those with opinions that outweigh yours will argue till they prove they are right, For this reason they refuse to listen to your reasoning. Yet, Christ can answer those and other questions if we would only take time to seek the answers.

We learn from this verse that many who believed in the name of Jesus Christ are asleep in the body. Jesus said that he would raise the person who believes in him on the last day.  He also said the person who pierced his side would see his coming, isnít that the Roman soldier who was among those who crucified him?

We also have to ask what Jesus meant by the last day? I understand the last day to mean the final day of this age. When will this issue regarding the resurrection of the saints is settled? The day the saints to life are raised to life determines the day of his coming. (John 11:24)

Understanding the last day Jesus spoke of changes how we interpret the signs of the times.

The bible is quite clear that Satan will be destroyed by the splendor of Christís coming. However, the signs of the time are things you learn with the spiritís leading. You will only be dismayed when you find out that what men have taught in all sincerity is wrong and the things you feared the most will come to pass.


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