The Image God Created.

We have to admire the handiwork of God, as everything is beautiful in its own time. No matter where you live you can see the glory of God in everything God created. His autograph is on every blade of grass and occasionally we see an awesome rainbow encircling the horizon like the one over his throne.

If you do any amount of traveling you will see the Midwest crops swaying in the wind, the snow-capped Rocky’s and an ocean so vast you can’t see the opposite shore. Take to the air and there are places where you can see nothing but water or snow in any direction. There are places where any amount of Arctic gear could keep you warm and other places such as Death Valley where it is so hot that you have to keep water in reach. On the other hand, consider that millions of gallons of water spilt over more than a thousand waterfalls and some fall further than a ten-story building.  If you would rather keep out of the sun there are hundreds of underground caverns to explore. However, if you have never left home you can look at the stars at night and see lights in the dark sky that you could not travel to in several lifetimes.  

Everything is in the continual process of recycling. The rain that falls today flows to the nearby lakes and on to the oceans where it is softened cleaned and returns to the clouds that float overhead and returning to land. Before all living things die they bear seed after its own kind and after their life is spent returns to the dust they came from.

As beautiful and complicated as the earth is, everything we have described is just the environment God created for his image to live in. In scope, the image God created, as his crowning achievement is but a mere speck in the sheer vastness of the creation itself.

From the dust of the earth God formed a three-dimensional figure resembling his person and breathed into this figure the breath of life.  The scope of the word God used for his creation has several meanings. The image God created assembled the things God created for his environment and made three-dimensional figures or idols in the likeness of the God they were going to worship. In the same way God fabricated a figure to look like the God that his Image was to worship.

Yet the image God created in his likeness was made from the dust of the earth on the order of a clay vessel. In this sense the image is the flesh made from the earth designed to live in the environment created for God’s image and likeness. Still the image at this point was no better that the idols that his creation made. At this time the image could not hear, speak or touch but it had qualities of height, width and depth, until his image was animated.

God animated his Image with a spirit representing his spiritual nature as he breathed into the nostrils this image with the breath of live. In other words God created flesh for his image from the earth and animated with a spirit from the spiritual realm. Therefore we can say that God created his image to be a being comprised of flesh and spirit. God united the image with a spirit and the vessel God created became a living being that was called Adam.

The image of God was not complete for he understood that Adam was alone. Taking Adam aside God made Adam fall into a deep sleep and removed a bone and some flesh and closed Adam up.  With these two elements God created a second being compatible with Adam and brought her to Adam.

The bible tells us that Adam knew that Eve came from his flesh for he said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. In this way God was saying that the Adam and Eve were one and the same flesh. However, before Adam and Eve ever thought of being intimate, God said something that is absolutely amazing when you think about what he said.

Before Adam and Eve experienced intimacy God told them that they would be a mother and Father. God revealed his plan for the human unit and expected man to unite in the same manner in the subsequent generations. He expected Adam and Eve bear seed after their own kind and that they would have children. From those children the man was to unite to his wife to become one flesh.    

Through Paul God said something we need to consider.

God created his image in a pattern of two’s. First God created the heavens and the earth and we understand there is a physical and spiritual realms. God hovered over earth, which was formless, and empty without shape and void of life. There was darkness and God created light, he created two lights the greater to govern the day and the lesser to govern the night. He separated water from water, separating one under the earth and one over earth, the sky. He also gathered the land to one place and created boundaries the water could not pass.  He created every living creature with a mate according to his or her kind.  In the garden God created two exceptional trees, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And then he created man. 

God created the male and female and called them man for a reason that the two would become a united unit of flesh. With everything God created for us to enjoy, the things he created present an exact picture of his nature. What God created in the physical realm gives us a picture of truths within the spiritual realm.

God presents principles to man using pictures of truth and deception. For example, God is the spirit of truth, Satan is a deceiver, the father of lies. Good and evil is seen by light and evil is seen in the cover of darkness. Therefore the Kingdom Of God is also the Kingdom Of Light. Where Satan is ruling is called the Dominion of Darkness.

God created an image within the physical world to have a foundation of information so we could understand his image in both physical terms and spiritual truths.  

What may be known about God has been clearly seen and understood within the environment God made to dwell in. It’s sad that the world knows that God exists but avoids him like a plague. Instead of seeking God to know what is expected of them, they worship things that are made by man and their foolish hearts despised the knowledge of God. With all that God has done to make himself known the world still does not know that eternal life is found in knowing God and his Son, the Person he sent to atone for your sin.  



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