Truth Suppressed

Recently the American voter has seen an example of what changing and suppressing the truth can do. During the presidential campaign we heard a number of quotes taken out of context and deliberately perverted to harm the opposing candidate. We have seen firsthand what manipulating words can do to change the perception of the voter in favor of the candidate with a low moral standard. The focus of the accusation was never heard again in full context but the thought the other side wanted you to hear was twisted into a weapon to deceive the American voter.

Unfortunately those most effective at turning his opponentís words into weapons are in office today. Although they may be in power, has anyone considered that the voter can expect the same practice of spinning the truth into what they want the electorate to hear throughout their time in office? Spinning the truth changes the outcome of politics but it also changes the perception of trusting people who want to believe but do not check whatís been said for truth.  Regrettably the truth comes out after the fact and everyone must face the consequences for not taking the time to validate the political maneuvering.

Spin doctors turn truth into a message designed for people who havenít got the time to be fact checkers. Most people take other people at their word and assume that they have been told the truth, that is, until the stories you have been told affects you adversely. Finding out that you have been deceived hurts even more. Sadly the price for being the prey of deception must be paid by everyone for allowing themselves to be duped.

The reality is that truth has been suppressed as far back as Adam and Eve when they were asked did God really say that? Itís not just stretching the truth or telling the little white lie that suppresses the truth, itís the effort of purposely making the lie into something you can believe and trust in. The outcome of the lie makes you appear to be as innocent as a new born baby and elevates you above another person. Stretching the truth the little white lie and fibs has but one purpose. Each expresses a false statement as being true but was intended to mislead you by deceit.

Sometimes facts just donít add up. In other words you buy the official minted fifty dollar gold coin that is being sold for ten dollars. And of course, somehow you miraculously survived catching a whale on your last fishing trip. Some stories are obvious so much that you know when heís is lying because they are speaking.

Lies are told so you may perceive a ruse as truth.  However, truth will never contradict itself in the real world as truth is always verifiable with other facts. For example, when you say one thing and do another, the your deeds will actually betray you.  

The bible tells us that God created the universe by his command such as Let there be light Genesis 1:3. Since his word is truth, truth is consistent across the spectrum of life and all life is supported by related facts both scientific and spiritual. On the other hand a lie is not consistent or supported with facts, therefore confusing and not provable.

Suppressing the truth is a tactic that Satan has used from the beginning. For this reason he is known as the father of lies John 8:44-45. The bible tells us that men without reverence for God men suppress the truth by their evil deeds Romans 1:18. The deeds of evil men overwhelm through intimidation (bully) the person who desires to live right.

Suppressing the truth is as simple as influence to force people to react according to what they want. Otherwise they say itís my way or the highway so get out of my way or I will run over you. Some of the most powerful men of the world treat their followers like they were slaves, demanding that they do what they are told to do. In the same way associates of a guilty criminal tells you to lie in court or your family member dies. In other words there are consequences for your actions but wicked men produce their desires and ensure that you overlook their wrongdoing by those the methods that eventually suppress the truth.

Iím sure most of us have heard thatís not the real world works when testifying to the grace of God? With so many contradictions in how the world works how is it possible for the world to be real? There is no certainty of truth when you can see people in high places violating the law and human decency and laugh about what they got away with. Yet no one thinks itís wrong to lie to others when no one likes to be lied to?

Whatís worse, some of us are being deceived by men of God who preach from commentaries. Their words sound good and can be believable, but do they agree with biblical truth when they may be the opinion of another man. Preaching on a phrase of the bible and explaining it out of context is practiced in the church today by some preachers.

However the prudent Christian examines what they hear to know if what they hear agrees with the bible as a whole. This practice gives you a method of reproving and comparing the word of God with the ideas that the man of God expresses. God has given us a way to prevent us from being deceived by knowing the truth Ė for Godís word is the truth John 17:17.

Itís not as difficult to expound on the word as you would think, still it takes time to get the prepared message right. When your beliefs agree with the word of God several times, you know you have the truth. However, there is always something you can overlook that will change Godís message.

Men are convincing speakers which gives you a difficult task of reproving what you have heard to know if their message conforms and agrees with the word of God. In todayís world we hear a lot about quality control and product standard which is controlled by the manufacturer. God inspired his word as the Spiritual standards that all Christians are taught to live by. Men make technical errors and get facts confused, then offer a sad version of what the bible says.  To insure that the quality standard of your life is maintained you must refer to the manufacturerís operation standards constantly which for the Christian is the bible.

How do you test everything and hold on to the good if you do not compare the words of men to the word of God? The average person is able to understand the word of God when they make the effort. At the same time we have a directive from God to keep you from being deceived? Test every word that you hear to know if they originated from the word of God.

In addition, the average person can suppress the truth without making an effort to know the truth and by doing what they think is right. A large number of men and women live respectable lives and consider them self to be a moral person. On that basis they expect to go to heaven when they die. God on the other hand allows men and women to seek God on his terms and have come to an agreement with him to enter the gates of Heaven because they learned to do what pleases the Lord Ephesians 5:10.


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