Why Call Me Lord

A part of our prayer of repentance is a commitment to Jesus Christ saying Jesus Is Lord.  Some call those words a statement of faith, but do we really realize the impact of those words to Christ.  How can Jesus Christ be your Lord unless you yield to his authority? The majority of mankind including Christians struggle to be in charge of their lives and in that effort they step on the authority of other people.

Its human nature to be in charge of your life, but without understanding that there are millions with the same idea. Whether we like it or not, there will always be a conflict of interest, a struggle for the upper hand, and desire for power that we see in the world today. Without limitations for the way you live, you will be in the same struggle and be put in your proper place by those without scruples. Do those without scruples who struggle for power, for the upper hand and for a conflict of interest have respectability from those whose trust was broken by their decisions? These men say they want to serve the needs of other people, but in their private life where the public does not see how they live and the real reason for their existence falls into obscurity.

The majority of mankind do not know that what you have done in the shadows of darkness will be revealed from the rooftops. Even today the careers of politicians are ruined by their affairs behind closed doors. The bible says,

Jesus Christ will never be Lord as long as you are in charge and his commands are ignored by the way you live.  How can you have it both ways, If Jesus is Lord you cannot live as you see fit and you cannot live as you see fit when Jesus Christ is your Lord? Just saying the words Jesus is Lord will never make him Lord until you give your authority to rule your life to Jesus Christ.  In other words there must be some agreement between what you say and what you do for the lack of corroboration is the same as a lie.

Jesus is pointing out that those who call him Lord are those who hear his word and puts them into practice. And again he said "If you love me, you will obey what I command (John 14:15) and If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching (John 14:23.) on the other hand when speaking to the Pharisees he said,

You can see that Jesus is revealing that there is a need to make room for his word, so you can know and observe them.  In the parable above Jesus is referring to a man who built his house on a foundation deep into the soil and was saying the spiritual foundation of your life needs to be placed on the rock of Gods word.

The difference in the parable above was the foundation in relation to the trials of life coming in heavy downpours. He pointed out that the house without a foundation collapsed and the house built on the solid rock remained standing. Jesus gave an example of a building a home starting with a practice beginning with a foundation to relate a spiritual principle.  The spiritual principle was to build your spiritual life on a foundation of truth known as the word of God and you did it by hearing Godís commands and putting them into practice.

A few years ago Christianís would explain the parable above in their own words by pointing out that there was a major difference in talking the walk and walking the talk. Paul describes them this way.

DoesnítÖ. 2 Timothy 2:19 present a strong contrast to Luke 6:46?

Jesus is not confused why you would call him Lord and not obey his commands but some men may. What Paul is saying that if Jesus were your Lord your response would respond through obedience and turn from wickedness to virtues that would please God. The reason for not obeying Christís commands is a choice as we serve God voluntarily.   

How do we confess Jesus Christ as Lord with our mouth to be saved unless we have the gift of the Holy Spirit? The holy Spirit is a gift that guarantees man what is to come at the same time confessing that Jesus is Lord is a commitment to God of what is to come regarding our loyalty to him.

In this scriptural text Jesus is asking "Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say? Luke 6:46. Perhaps we need to restate the question in another way. You donít do what I say, so why do you call me Lord? You must understand that by making Jesus Christ "Lord" you assign him a place of authority over your life.  However, if you do as you see fit it is obvious that you have denied letting Jesus have the authority to govern your life. Actions speak louder than words and almost everyone fails to keep a promise sometime in their lifetime for one reason or another. However, there is no excuse if you fail to keep your word deliberately.  However, there is another reason for not obeying God due to spiritual warfare and explained in the parable of the sower.

Just as the seed that has been sown lacks a foundation by sinking its roots into the soil just as we must build our house on a foundation of Godís truth.  Those who do not understand do not have the ears to hear but Satan is liken to a bird that comes along and snatches the seed away. The second example lies the man whose house has no foundation and the torrents of trouble and persecution choke the word and his house crumbles under the pressure of the worries of this life.

Christians live in an environment that is hostile to the ways of God.  Paul said this, I donít understand everything I do, for the things I hate are the very things I do. He continued to give his explanation although he saw the word of God was good, when tried to apply Godís word his sinful nature refused to let him.  The sinful nature of man has your mind focused on the things it desires, but the man desiring to do the will of God will place his mind on what the Spirit desires. For this reason If Jesus is Lord, we have an obligation to live according to his will and not for our sinful nature. Therefore, Ezekiel said.

And in the New Testament John wrote,

There is one final test whether or not you said Lord, Lord in the proper context. That will be the day when you will face the truth and God has the final word. Jesus spoke of two phrases he would use on that day. He could say, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' or 'Well done my good and faithful servant!

I would neglect my duty to God if I failed to tell you that you have a choice to make between now and when you meet Jesus Christ face to face. Making Jesus Christ your Lord is the only way he will say  'Well done my good and faithful servant! engine_folder/includes/results.php";         }          ?>


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